What is Cloud hosting

What is Cloud Hosting? Why so much Popular

Now in the world, you hear a popular name Cloud Hosting and some of you already know that what is hosting. One of who did not know about hosting, I gonna describe here some points of hosting. when we visit a website and shDedicatedow the page because of the data of this



In the digital era, many words are confusion as like VPN & VPS both names are same but these words have a huge difference in use. you must know about VPS(Virtual Private Server) and VPN(Virtual Private Network)  both names starting two letters are the same but the last one is different. The

How to Migrate WordPress Website to another Host

Nowadays,  I think every blogger must choose WordPress for blogging or making any type of website. Wordpress is the CMS platform where you can create a website without writing codes. There is a very simple way to create your website on WordPress. The main factor of hosting is SQL WordPress works on Database. if


How to use Cloudflare CDN for WordPress

Hey, guys today I will show you how to use Cloudflare CDN on your website to give it best performance and security. As you now Cloudflare is the CDN provider for free and you can enhance your website speed with Cloudflare CDN. If anyone who does not know about Cloudflare then Cloudflare gives too much that provides content

What is Git and GitHub

What is Github? Every person who is on the internet hears the name of Github. Github is a world no1 community of developers. It was founded by four peoples  Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, Tom Preston-Werner and Scott Chacon.  They Developed Github in Ruby rails programming languages in 2008. The company Github INC. highlighted in 2007. Github is a